mardi 29 juillet 2014

Des trousses de détection de la fièvre hémorragique virale (Ebola) ont été déployées aux unités de la Garde Nationale dans les 50 États et le gouvernement a adopté des mesures extrêmes de contrôle comme des véhicules militaires d'échantillonnages biologiques (anglais)

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  1. C'est hors sujet mais parlant de mesures extrêmes de contrôle, en voici une autre:


    1. Je publie à l'instant. Merci GPS! Grosses bises ;0)

  2. En Angleterre aussi ils se préparent

    Public Health England delivered letters to doctors urging them to look out for the warning signs of Ebola…

    Another request to treat Ebola victim in Germany after Sierra Leone doctor dies
    July 30, 2014

    One week after New York Times asks why Ebola is ignored, Infowars and ZeroHedge do the same
    July 30, 2014
    Infowars and ZeroHedge are on the same page as the mainstream media in hyping a Ebola pandemic and health martial law agenda.

    Far from ignoring Ebola, the CDC activated its emergency operation center in preparation for martial law, mass arrests, forced vaccination and quaratine in July.

    What the CDC, Infowars, ZeroHedge as well as the New York Times are ignoring are the facts and documents showing that Ebola has been weaponized by the US government and is being spread by the US government.

    What is not, however, true is the claim made by Infowars that Ebola is being spread by illegals, immigrants and plane travellers.

    Evidence presented on this blog strongly suggests it is being spread by the Pentagon, White House and George Soros to push their martial law agenda

    The US Department of Defense has deployed ebola detection kits to National Guard units in all 50 states, reports Infowars.

    But given the Sierra Leone government’s recent order that Tulane University stop testing ebola, it is worth asking how accurate are these kits? What if they are faulty as the Tulane University kits appear to be? What if they offer a fake or faulty positive Ebola diagnosis?


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