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Comet Elenin Scientific Evidence of mass 20 times greater than Earth

* Je publie ces données concernant la masse potentielle d'Elenin parce que j'estime que ces informations méritent d'être considérées et vérifiées.  Pour ceux et celles qui s'intéressent de près à la "comète" Elenin...  En anglais.  Vos commentaires sont évidemment bienvenus.

This is the BEST publicly available data and scientific analysis, which shows that Comet Elenin has a mass 10 to 20 times larger than Earth.

The following report is offered as a public service, and contains ONLY information that is publicly available. I have no access to classified information, and am not sworn to any secrecy oaths. I have spent (wasted?) years worrying my ass off over this subject, and as a service to my fellow human beings, I'm giving you my best, and most credible, research results. My calculations show that the "comet" is very massive, but will not come CLOSE enough to Earth to cause global devastation (well, not by water, anyway!) This report includes enough data for you to calculate the "comet" mass yourself, so you don't need to trust me, or anybody else! I'm not being paid by anybody to do this, so I'm donating months of my time and research for the common good.

Millions of people are VERY worried about this "comet", and that is permitting the filthy bankers all the time they need to set us up for WWIII. Hopefully, with this new information on "comet" Elenin, we can finally set aside our main fears, and get on with the task of removing the corrupt parasites who are killing us, and our planet.

Gravitational Microlensing shown on Nasa videos

"Comet" Elenin has enough mass to cause "gravitational microlensing", as shown in the Nasa Stereo Behind videos from August 1, and August 20, 2011.

Gravitational microlensing, is the temporary brightening of a background star, as the "comet" passes directly in front of the star. That brightening is CLEARLY shown in both the Nasa Stereo Behind videos, and was witnessed by two amateur astronomers. If you watch the August 20th video, you will see the background star "glom" onto Elenin, get much brighter, and smear out into a 90 degree arc (also, the brightest frame was deleted before public release.) The overall brightness of the two, superimposed, is MUCH brighter than each of them separately. It is better to download the large jpegs directly from Nasa here [link to] To download the jpegs, select telescope=>HI1, resolution=1024x1024, start date=20110820, end date=leave blank, click "search". Then, click "download all Behind HI1". You will have to step through each jpeg, or assemble them into a video, to see the brightening of the background star.

Or, if you don't want to download the high res jpegs, you can watch this youtube in full screen mode. The brightening happens on August 20, which is the only time it passes over a distinct star. [link to]

Nasa has a short animation explaining "gravitational microlensing", and it shows how they use it to discover large, dark planets. Please watch this short video, to understand the importance of the Nasa and YouTube videos. Note that this technique works better when the dark object is far away, but it still works even with super-close "comet" Elenin, which indicates a large mass.

video title: NASA - Lone Planet Under a Cosmic Magnifying Glass [link to]

The brightening effect is also clearly shown in the Nasa August 1 video here [link to] Right click the GIF, save it, and re-open it in your browser, or a graphics program, then play it with 8X magnification. You can easily see the background star "glom" onto Elenin, form an arc, and get much brighter. It gets so much brighter, that the detector saturates, and goes to solid white. This increase is absolute proof of the high mass of the front lensing object.

The fact that the background star was not dimmed by the coma of the "comet", but instead, was made brighter as Elenin passed in front of it, is PROOF that Elenin is NOT A COMET! It is also proof of the large mass of Elenin. No more discussion or speculation is needed on those topics, unless the Nasa videos can be proven to be faulty.

It is amazing to me, that no one has mentioned this lensing effect. "Real" astronomers spotted it immediately, but are keeping mum about it. Probably many of them have already done the calculations, as shown, below.

The gravitational microlensing effect happens quickly and disappears quickly if the massive object is moving in front of a distant star. Spirals and bright "C" shapes are commonly seen in gravitational microlensing. The arcs of light are known as "Einstein Rings". Comet Elenin is now moving rapidly over the background stars, so the Einstein rings would appear for only a minute, just as witnessed, below. Without a large aperture telescope, and a fast exposure, the rings cannot be imaged. Instead, with a small telescope, and long exposure, the rings will show up, as described in the video (below), looking like the spindle spacer of a 45 rpm record.

Nasa has made 2200 observations of Comet Elenin, and has published NONE of the still images! Probably, many of their images show gravitational microlensing, so they CANNOT show their own images, without disclosing the large mass of the object.

Amateur astronomers have also witnessed the gravitational lensing effect, such as youtuber "ThePerfectMinds" (Francis Walsh), and CRU4T, formerly a member of the Terral Croft group.

Francis Walsh witnessed "a spiral" around Comet Elenin on June 30, using the robotic telescopes in Mayhill, New Mexico (Global Rent a Scope).

Here is the youtube where Francis Walsh discusses seeing the "Einstein ring" spiral - fast forward to 4:11, and also to 17:45. (He is NOT an astronomer! He had NO IDEA of what he was seeing!!!)

video title: Comet Elenin Report 20110630 by Nibiru Tracker 2012 "I Saw a Spiral" C/2010 X1 "contour" view [link to]

Red Fireball and moons seen in telescope

Here is another youtube where Francis shows what Comet Elenin looks like with a red filter. It is HUGE, red, and angry looking. But, with blue or green filters, it looks small and dim. The ancient warnings (Kolbrin, etc) say the planet killer is a fiery red color.

Fast forward to 9:13. When he sees the giant red blob of Elenin, he panics and suddenly pulls his camera down, muttering something about having to clean the lens! It makes you wonder if he was told to NOT show a giant red blob. Francis is probably a gate-keeper, as he NEVER gives the coordinates, so no one else can verify his observations. Most likely he is being paid to be the go-to guy for real time images for the sheeple - a classic gate-keeping operation. He knows literally nothing about astronomy, so why he is so deep into it, is a real mystery.

video title: NEW! Latest Comet Elenin image enhancement inspection "33" of 20110722 [link to]

In the same video, at 17:30, he captured what looks like FOUR MOONS orbiting the central body: [link to]

New images from Australia show a sudden brightening, just look at the August 29 series. You'll see a sudden bright blob, even though the coma stays the same: [link to]

Here is a video being pushed by Leonid Elenin (CIA disinfo guy), showing the "comet" traveling BETWEEN stars, not over them. Obviously, there is NO lensing effect, unless the "comet" moves directly in front of a star. [link to]

Various astronomers are saying the "comet" is disintegrating, mostly based on it's suddenly getting brighter, then darker, as they assume the ball of ice is vaporizing into ice crystals. However, the author thinks the lensing effect may explain the brightening, and darkening. The lack of an appreciable coma is consistent with a high gravity object.

All the talk about Comet Elenin turning and breaking up is just "ignant". The shockwave that supposedly hit the "comet" was just a lens flare (internal lens reflection) caused by the brightness of Jupiter, to the right. The slowing and turning of Elenin is caused by it rotating directly away from the Stereo B satellite, due to it's natural orbit. Sorry, but no breakup, and no intelligent "control" there. I wish it was...

"Comet" mass calculation

Now, the big question is, WHAT IS THE MASS (and what will it do to Earth at the expected distance)? By measuring the apparent angular size of the brightening area around the "comet", compared to its normal size, the mass of the gravity lens can be calculated.

Then, after the mass is known, by doing a simple (mass/radius squared) comparison with Earth's Moon, we can calculate how high the ocean tides will be. That will tell us how many BILLIONS of people could die when this thing gets close to earth, and what the safe elevation MIGHT be.

Both calculations are easy to do for an astrophysicist, but ONLY if the exact angular sizes are available. Since we only have some crappy video frames to go by, the following mass calculation is only A ROUGH ESTIMATE!

Using the equation for the angle of deflection of light in a gravitational field:

theta = {4GM}/{rc^2} which can be re-arranged to:

M = {theta(rc^2)}/{4G}

And, assuming the "comet" to be a point source of gravity, all we need to figure out is the angle of bend of the light, as it travels from the distant star, and is bent around the "comet" to reach our eye. Since the star is many light years away, let's just say the incident light rays are parallel. So, theta is going to be the angle between where the light WAS going (parallel rays) and where the light is bent to reach us (or Stereo B). Another way to get that angle is to measure the angle to the bright outer edge of the nucleus, compared to the angle to the outside of the einstein ring (depending on parallax errors). So, looking at the latest Nasa video (Aug 1), we can see the diameter of the bright part of the "comet" roughly quadruples when the lensing takes place. The hi res jpegs from the Aug 20 Nasa Stereo Behind video do not show a clear widening, just a great increase in brightness, so the Aug 1 spaceobs gif was used for the widening estimate. From the Aug 29 photo on [link to] we can estimate the size of the bright nucleus to be 0.1 arc minutes, since it is roughly 1% of the width of the picture, and the picture is 10 arc minutes wide. So, lensing causes a bright area of 4 X 0.1 arc minutes = 0.4 arc minutes, for a radius of 0.2 arc minutes. So, the angle of the bend is the difference between the two (depending on parallax), or .2' minus .05' = .15'. We still need "r", which is the radius of the brightened area. The bright part of the nucleus is about 4000 meters wide, or a radius of 2000 meters. So, if it gets four times wider when it brightens, "r" is four times 2000 meters, or 8000 meters. We also have to convert .15 arc minutes to radians, which is (.15 X PI)/(180 X 60) = 4.36 X 10^-5 radians. Now, we have enough data to calculate the mass of "comet" elenin:

M = {theta(rc^2)}/{4G}
M = {(0.15 arcminute X 3.14 radians/180 degrees) X (1 degree/60 arcminutes) X ( 8000 meters X (3 X 10^8 meters/second)^2)} / {4(6.673 X 10^-11 NM^2Kg^-2)M}, and using 1 N = (kg X m)/sec^2,
and so, (drum roll please)
M = 1.18 X 10^26 kg

This is TWENTY TIMES THE MASS OF EARTH!!! Earth's mass is 5.97 x 10^24 kg. Remember, this is a very crude estimate, based on a very grainy video, but it shows THIS "COMET" AIN'T NO EFFIN COMET!!!

One more calculation, let's say the "comet" only widens by twice, not four times, as we just calculated. What is the mass if bright ring of the "comet" only doubles? Since the "r" term is linear, the mass of the "comet" is still ten times the mass of the Earth! Even if the "comet" is only one times the mass of Earth, we are still guaranteed some real troubles in the next few months.

Please, feel free to tear up my calculation, and show where I've made some dreadful mistake(s). I will be VERY HAPPY to have someone PROVE this number is much too high!!!

High tide calculation

How high will the ocean tides be, if the "comet" has a mass twenty times greater than Earth?

Earth's moon has a mass of 7.35 × 10^22 kg, and orbits Earth at a distance of .0024 AU. The "comet" may have a mass of 1.18 X 10^26 kg, or 1,600 times the mass of the moon. The "comet" will be .234 AU from Earth on Oct 17th, or 100 times farther than the moon. If the normal ocean high tide is about 3 feet, with only the moon, what will the high tide be when the "comet" is nearest to the Earth? Since the force of gravity is given by F = (G X M1 X M2)/(d ^ 2), then we can compare the gravitational pull of the moon, to the gravitational pull of the "comet", then use that to compare the high tides. Since the Earth's mass is not changing, we can forget about the M1 term, and the G term is constant too. So, let's use F = M2/d^2 for the comparison, and forget about the units since we only care about the ratio. For the moon, F = (7.35 x 10^22) / (.0024 ^2) = 1.28 X 10^28. For the "comet", F = (1.18 X 10^26) / (.234 ^2) = 2.15 X 10^27.

Taking the ratio, the gravitational pull from the "comet" will be 0.17 times the pull from the moon! Thank God!!! This means there will be no increased high tides in the oceans of the world. Even though the "comet" is more massive, the greater distance means the gravitational pull is only 17% of the pull of the moon! Please check my numbers. I assume no liability in making this calculation! But, THANK GOD, if it is correct!

PLUS, if the pull is that small, how in the hell can we have the entire crust of Earth shift??? Huh? Huh? I've worried my ass off, over this thing, for years, and it only has a pull of .17 of the moon? Please show me where my mistake(s) are! And God FORBID that there is anything coming in behind the damn "comet"!

If the "comet" is only 10 to 20 Earth masses, it does not account for the earthquakes happening when the Earth is lined up between "it" and the sun. So, there might just be another, more massive object, coming in behind the "comet". However, if that was the case, the "comet" would have an irregular, unpredictable orbit, which would already be detected. It SEEMS the incoming "comet" has a extremely long period parabolic orbit, and doesn't appear to be orbiting anything else.

So, it appears the oceans will stay put, but we still have the coronal mass ejections to worry about. In other words, the Earth can still be baked to death in Oct/Nov as the "comet" pulls ahead of Earth. That should be the focus for further research.

It seems like someone gave it a little shove, about a thousand years ago, to make sure Earth could get through this unscathed.

Let's hope these calculations are pretty close, and that we don't need to worry about the next topics. However, I've included them anyway, just in case the calculations are badly wrong :-(

Radio Signal from the "comet"

The reported radio signal coming from "comet" elenin, matches EXACTLY the type of signal given off by a pulsar, just like the pulsar inside the Crab Nebula. Click the third play arrow to hear what the Crab Nebula pulsar sounds like: [link to] However, elenin also has the plasma streams from the sun causing the low frequency, human voice, like sounds. The frequency spectrum shows that the supposed "comet" radio signal has a broadband of frequencies, all the way to 0 Hz, just like a true pulsar signal. That suggests the signal probably came from a real pulsar in space.

A pulsar is a fast spinning, neutron star, with a mass between 1.5 and 5 solar masses, according to current physics models. Here is a video describing neutron stars and pulsars: [link to]

If the radio signal is real, that is the worst possible news for Earth, as a neutron star will totally wipe the Earth clean, then pull Earth into a wider orbit as it leaves in early November. The last passing of this object changed our year, from 360 days, to 365 1/4 days, according to many ancient texts. (That's why there are 360 degrees in a circle) Let us all pray that it is not a neutron star. The most important thing, right now, is to find out if the radio signal is genuine. If it is real, then the "comet" may actually be a neutron star!

Personally, I think it is now impossible for it to be a neutron star, as all the inner planets would be spinning off into elliptical orbits. So, at this late date, we can pretty much say that the pulsar type radio signal is likely to be just another scare tactic from the desperate illuminati criminals, or it's just a dumb joke from some astonomy student. Anyway, we'll see very soon if the orbits get perturbed. Till then, the pulsar signal is probably fake.

You've got to admit, it's kind of funny, the internet researchers are now trying to decipher some human speech in the radio signal, when instead, they should be listening to the lawnmower sound, to determine WHICH known pulsar, if any, has produced that audio. I can imagine the global elites having a good laugh at the sheeple over that one. "Touche', Lord Evelyn, you never overestimate them, do you? ha ha ha." Apparently, they have a law, according to THEIR god, that they have to warn us first, before killing us. Well, that radio signal may be the best warning we can ever get (if it's real). Their law doesn't say it has to be an obvious warning, though.

One example of a hidden illuminati warning is the new Texas license plate. The new license plate CLEARLY shows the red destroyer planet, so texans see the warning dozens of times a day, but never realize what it means! Of course, the New Mexico license plate has shown the "planet of the crossing" for years, but now even the Texas plate shows an up close image of it.

US Navy Space Command disinfo

What a perfect time for a disinfo attack, when a possible pulsar signal is coming from the "comet" elenin! The comforting posts from the "US Navy Space Command - I've been to Elenin" guy, are partly true, but the part about Elenin being a benign and beautiful teacher, fits the pattern of coverups coming from the global elites (Sheldan Nidle, SayLooser, "ascension" pushers). Let's face it, they are NOT giving up their hope of wiping out 93% of the human race (their target is 500 million survivors), so they can reign SUPREME for another 3,600 (or 11,800) years.

Just as Leonid Elenin "discovered" the "comet", now the US Navy Space Command guy was warning about the pulsar signal BEFORE it was discovered. That is a common intelligence/mind control technique to manage the flow of information. Posts like this one, are a real headache for those assholes.

The biggest problem with the "US Navy Space Command" guy, is the way he posted. If you are really in fear for your safety, you don't hang around for hours posting, posting, posting. Instead, you type up your main message as clearly as possible, and post it all in one go. Also, violating your DoD clearance is a life and death matter, which nobody takes lightly. So, that shows the Comet Elenin "type E asteroid" story is just disinfo, designed to make sure the herd does not stampede the rancher to death. (Ain't it about time for a good stampede?)

His postings show how good disinfo is done. Most of these paid shills don't understand good disinfo. They are pitiful morons, like the people who WILL criticize this analysis without understanding it first. To do good disinfo, you disclose REAL truths, then insert your single talking point somewhere in the middle. Plus, of course, bring the reader to an emotional crescendo, THEN spring the disinfo on them, when the brains' defenses are down due to the emotional state. So, hats off to the US Navy Space guy, as that was a pretty good delivery about how harmless this E class asteroid is. The blood of billions of people will be on your hands, you paid disinfo whore. May you, and your handlers, rot, slowly, in Hell.

Speaking of navy disinfo, this question is directed to Terral Croft: Hey Terral! Why do you trust the John Moore retired navy guy's map, when one of the safe places they were given is 100 miles downwind of the Yellowstone caldera? Surely, if that is not a safe zone, then maybe Arkansas is not safe either? The Rockefellers want to get rid of anyone with knowledge of the free energy/antigravity technologies, and that is one way to do it.

The ruling bloodlines have been through this "comet" passing twice before. That is how they got on top. That is how they stay on top. They know what will happen, and when it will happen. Their only problem THIS TIME is the internet. They are very afraid that even their own bodyguards will put them down, like rabid dogs, for the good of humanity. The TRUE power now lies in the hands of those bodyguards, and even the elite know it. That is why the Seal Team Six mass murder was such a mistake. The elites ALWAYS get rid of their helpers quietly and secretly. They broke protocol on that one!

Astronut disinfo

The main thing that stopped the rising panic over "comet" Elenin this summer, was Astronut's post on GLP: "Elenin fails to perturb a small asteroid at 0.002 AUs distance" link Thread: Elenin fails to perturb a small asteroid at 0.002 AUs distance Astronut said: "On May 20th (Friday), C/2010 X1 (Elenin) passed within 0.002 AUs of an asteroid in the asteroid belt known as 1999 RQ176... According to astrometry it was detected at..."

Well, what exactly does "according to astrometry" mean? It means that after he took the SINGLE telescope stacked image, he emailed the SINGLE image to a Flickr Yahoo group (link [link to] who supposedly told him what the coordinates of the objects were. By using a "blind astrometry solver", which is star charting software, this mysterious group came up with exactly the right answer to show the "comet" had no effect on the asteroid. I do not think any of that evidence is credible, as we have only Astronut's word on this (no other witnesses!), and who knows what, or if, the Flickr group emailed back. For instance, the "results" data from Flickr, shown here [link to] only located the center of the image, and have NOTHING to do with the coordinates that Astronut quotes in his post. He claims, of course, the coordinates they returned confirm the comet had no effect on the asteroid.

Astronut's biggest mistake was not taking another, delayed image, to prove he was actually looking at the nearly invisible, 3 Km wide rock, and not just a very faint star. Without a second photo, he, or Flickr, could have picked a faint star in the right area, and said "see it's in exactly the right spot - no effect from elenin at all". So, with only a SINGLE image used to find the very faint asteroid, Astronut's measurement is COMPLETELY BOGUS!!!

Also, Astronut has a history of showing up, like clockwork, to debunk any real data on "comet" elenin. He has stated many times, over and over: "the comet is not a threat." He is not an investigator, he already knows the answer, and he is pushing an agenda. Why the hell should any normal person CARE what somebody else thinks about a comet???

In one of his Comet Elenin posts, he did not realize that Google Sky used infrared images from the year 2007, instead, he SOMEHOW thought they were real time images. Then, after being caught, he edited his post to delete his stupid mistake. That proved to me, that he knows nothing about astronomy, that he's worried about his credibility, and that he's just another paid disinfo shill. So, to take ONLY his word, that the asteroid was NOT affected by "comet" elenin, is a very risky bet (I'd take 100 to 1 on that action).

The discoverer of the "comet", Leonid Elenin, did the exact SAME measurement of the asteroid as Astronut did, but about 21 hours earlier, and used the exact same Flickr Yahoo astrometry group to determine the position of both objects (small world, huh?). Leonid Elenin came up with slightly different position values compared to Astronut, presumably because the measurements were 21 hours apart. No surprises there, Leonid Elenin found the asteroid was in exactly the right spot to prove the "comet" has essentially no gravitational pull. Maybe Astronut and Leonid Elenin are working for the same manager? Maybe they are the same guy? Here is Leonid Elenin's asteroid measurement [link to] Now, to Astronut's credit, at least his telescope image shows the date and time. For some reason the image from Leonid Elenin has been cropped to remove the date and time. Little things like that really hurt a scientist's credibility, and it should. Most CCD deep sky imagers take a PC monitor shaped rectangular image, so why would he crop it down, as that will only hurt the accuracy of the astrometry position measurement. I smell a couple of rats, or maybe just one big rat?

If the 1999 RQ176 asteroid could be located and imaged now, then the Elenin mass could be confirmed. Also, the orbit of Mercury may have been changed since mercury passed between Elenin and the Sun in early July. If Mercury still has a normal orbit, then I'm wrong, and I will be overjoyed! But, we are now seeing big disturbances in the solar system, so a change in the orbit of Mercury is likely. Please post orbital data on Mercury, if you have it (and I don't mean Nasa sourced data, but direct observations).

The evidence is becoming convincing, that Comet Elenin MAY BE a massive object, that the Earth MAY BE wiped clean by wind and water, shaken, drowned, and baked to death this October/November 2011. Also, the orbit of Earth COULD BE changed after the close flyby. Depending on the mass, the orbit of earth could become elliptical, and much farther from the sun. A planetary freeze would explain why the deep underground hotels are set up for a long term stay.

Gravity node rings causing Earth to ring like a bell

Every few days, the entire Earth has an identical earthquake waveform travel from east to west, north to south, and pole to pole. In effect,the entire Earth "rings like a bell". See the charts here: [link to] This is further evidence of a massive object approaching from space. Supposing that a massive object is spinning, and nearing earth, a little known physical force becomes important. That unknown force is called the Lens-Thirring effect, where a spinning object in space causes the spacetime around it to twist or rotate with the massive body. However, as Stan Deyo revealed a few years ago, the Lens-Thirring effect also causes "gravity node rings". These rings are places of increased gravitational force, and are the "troughs" where the planets are located now, each one sitting in a gravity node ring caused by the rotation of our sun. The point here, is that, when the entire Earth as the same earthquake waveform, it is because the Earth is passing through one of the gravity node rings created by the incoming "comet". It would be helpful for someone to graph the frequency and intensity of the whole Earth earthquakes, as that could help reveal the position and movement of the incoming massive object.

An incoming magnetic mass, 20 times the mass of Earth, would explain the increasing earthquakes, the entire planet ringing like a bell, the disappearing magnetic field, the changing earth axis, the solar flares, the increasing asteroids and meteors, the heating planets, the increase in the moon's eccentricity, the shutdown of the SETI antenna arrays, the expansion of the hollow earth, and the gaps in human history. It would also explain the Mayan calendar, and how all nine "ages" simultaneously end on October 28th, 2011.

October 28th MAY be the worst time for Earth, as we MAY be baked by a coronal mass ejection pulled from the sun by the huge mass in front of Earth. We won't need 5000 foot tides, if the air temperature is 160 degrees fahrenheit, to still have a global cataclysm. Also, if Earth's orbit elongates, it will be game over, as our planet will become a deep freeze, like Mars. May the Creator grant us mercy, that these things will not happen!

Nuclear poisoning of entire planet

Still, the worst issue concerning an ELE/dwarf star scenario, is manmade. The worst issue is NOT the pole shift and global devastation, but the fact that the spent fuel pool of EVERY nuclear reactor on earth, will go dry, and rapidly proceed to combustion/aerosol/smoke. This amount of radiation will kill ALL of the northern hemisphere, and possibly the southern hemisphere as well, with only cockroaches and grass surviving. That is the REAL concern for an ELE event in October/November, 2011, which no one is talking about. This is the reason, we must use our focus and intention, and every other power we have, to stop such events.

As a precaution, ALL NUCLEAR PLANTS SHOULD BE PUT IN COLD SHUTDOWN RIGHT NOW! All cool fuel rods should be dispersed, and moved to underground storage, if possible.

Perhaps it is already too late, was too late, when the spent fuel was created in the first place. The Rockefeller group should be rounded up and put on trial, as they are the architects of the nuclear nightmare we now face. They have suppressed free energy technology for decades to maintain their control, and have known about the dwarf star since 1983 (IRAS), but kept it classified. All the while, increasing the amount of nuclear waste that will burn when the pole shift happens. They are the prime movers in this global genocide, and should be arrested and put on public trial. Now, it is clear why they have spent trillions of OUR MONEY, on deep underground hotels. They know the long lasting radiation is coming.

The Rockefeller/Bush crime syndicate planned to be in South America by now, but they are being stopped from leaving by the white hats in the US military. Top scumbag, David Rockefeller took his entire progeny (four generations!) to northern India last year, upwind of Fukushima, and no one has seen him since. Yes, even Bill Clinton is really a Rockefeller, as Winthrop Rockefeller (governor of Arkansas) was his biological father. So, The USA has been run by the Rockefeller/Bush crime syndicate since 1963 (daddy Bush killed JFK, baby Bush killed JFK jr).

By suppressing the information, that the Earth MAY be wiped clean in the next few months, the ruling elite are harming mankind in another way, perhaps an even worse way. By NOT letting us know of the danger, they are depriving mankind of a major opportunity for spiritual growth, for a greater connection with the Creator(s), for a united planet, and for a global renaissance if the events do not occur. And, if they do occur, then, instead of a period of humility and growth, there will be anger and barbarity. Without being warned of the danger, the world continues with the usual reptilian mind games, instead of coming together as a single species, and standing together, to face the danger. The ruling elites can always be expected to choose the path that is most harmful for mankind, and this situation is no exception.

All of us need to spend some quiet time, to send the message of our intention, that it is NOT OK for our planet to be destroyed like this. We will do whatever is required to fix the problems on our planet (free energy for all, trials/executions for all zionist satanists, no more predation of our home, Earth). We DO NOT give permission for our world to be destroyed. You can call it prayer if you wish, but please, let's all send our intention, and our belief that we should stay here, to correct the errors of the past. The horrible state of our world is not our fault individually, instead, it is a result of the zionist/parasite satanists that infest our lovely home. We will deal with them severely, if we have enough time to do so.

Why was this written and posted? Based on the evidence, there is a REAL possibility of BILLIONS of people dying needlessly in the next few months. This event will be the greatest crime our planet has ever seen. Mankind must be warned, and we must be aware of this conspiracy, so the mass murderers can be brought to justice.

Let's see how long this thread stays up, before it quietly disappears. If this post and the youtube videos are taken down, it is confirmation of this info! You might want to save this post, and youtubes, just in case.

I just want to be wrong about all this, and have the "comet" pass by harmlessly, but the evidence keeps pointing to a real threat. If we are still alive and well, by the fall of 2013, it is because we have been given a second chance to get it right.

Best wishes to the good souls of Earth!

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  1. Il y a tant de rumeurs...Cette "énorme" planète, je ne l'ai jamais vue de mes yeux, alors qu'elle serait si proche. Je ne ressens en rien ses effets hypothétiques. Je ne vois rien dans la nature qui m'entoure qui me laisse penser que quelque chose d'énorme se prépare. La lune me semble normale, les marées quand je vais à la plage aussi. Le soleil quand il brille est seul et pas accompagné d'une planète ailée. Les oiseaux chantent...

    Sachons raison garder et ne sombrons pas dans le pathos ni dans la peur. Il est bien tard pour espérer changer grand chose à présent...

    La manipulation des masses repose sur la peur et sur le chaos généralisé. Gardons toujours cela à l'esprit. Ce genre de récit 'pseudo' scientifique me fait penser aux distingués scientifiques qui nous ont 'vendu" le réchauffement climatique anthropique. Autrement dit de l'illusion et de la désinformation.

    Après tout, s'il y avait du grabuge à venir, et je n'y crois pas, je préfère le laisser se produire sans lui accorder mon attention. Cela ne "nourrira pas" la psychose collective et me permettra au moins de bien dormir !

    Pierre N

  2. vous pouvez pas mettre vos infos en français?un peu d'effort de votre part serait le bienvenue

  3. encore une fois, je ne crois pas que elenin soit un danger par lui même. Si elle avait une masse ou une densité importante, elle aurait déréglé ma boussole, comme ce fut le cas au mois de mars, lors du précédent alignement quand le soleil ne contrait pas les effets de ce qui arrive derrière elenin.

    On focalise sur elenin alors que la vraie menace est juste derrière.

    Les derniers seismes sont impressionnant par leur fréquence et la force de leur magnitude. Le phénomène aurait dû se calmer mais en fait il se renforce.

    j'avoue ne pas comprendre. La reprise des seismes au japon est inquiétante.


  4. Pour Anonyme qui a dit:

    "vous pouvez pas mettre vos infos en français?un peu d'effort de votre part serait le bienvenue"

    Et vous quel courage avez vous??
    Vous ne savez meme pas utiliser un raducteur!!! un peu d'effort de votre part serait le bienvenue.

    vous avez du courage ... vraiment!

  5. Anonyme a dit…
    Il y a tant de rumeurs...Cette "énorme" planète, je ne l'ai jamais vue de mes yeux, alors qu'elle serait si proche. Je ne ressens en rien ses effets hypothétiques. Je ne vois rien dans la nature qui m'entoure qui me laisse penser que quelque chose d'énorme se prépare. La lune me semble normale, les marées quand je vais à la plage aussi. Le soleil quand il brille est seul et pas accompagné d'une planète ailée. Les oiseaux chantent...

    Sachons raison garder et ne sombrons pas dans le pathos ni dans la peur. Il est bien tard pour espérer changer grand chose à présent...

    La manipulation des masses repose sur la peur et sur le chaos généralisé. Gardons toujours cela à l'esprit. Ce genre de récit 'pseudo' scientifique me fait penser aux distingués scientifiques qui nous ont 'vendu" le réchauffement climatique anthropique. Autrement dit de l'illusion et de la désinformation.

    Après tout, s'il y avait du grabuge à venir, et je n'y crois pas, je préfère le laisser se produire sans lui accorder mon attention. Cela ne "nourrira pas" la psychose collective et me permettra au moins de bien dormir !

    Pierre N

    16 septembre 2011 10:22

    Allo, vis-tu en 2011, ne perçois-tu pas les changement en cours ? Cette année pleine de boulversements, de catastrophes, de changements sur l'échiquier mondial ? Beaucoup de rumeurs sont vérifiable (commandes de la FEMA, déplacement à Denver d'Obama, images d'Elenin, météorites rentrant dans l'atmosphère, lumières étranges dans le ciel, mort en masse d' j'en passe).
    Demande moi ou recherche sur le net : denverpost,, tf1 (lol, c'est pour les météorites française), nature-alerte...
    Tout ce qui est demandé dans l'article ici c'est d'être vérifier, se risquant même à être contre-dit. Le côté oiseaux qui chantent, là, faut pas pousser. Tom.

  6. Je me suis "fadé" le texte au traducteur, c'est vrai que c'est pénible, mais ça se fait... Cela permet au moins de comprendre le texte et les idées importantes.
    Pour ce qui est du contenu, c'est l'un des posts le plus complet que j'ai vu. Pour le coup il y a des chiffres et des calculs qui peuvent être vérifiés.
    Puisqu'il y a des gens bien pensants qui nous rabâchent qu'il ne se passe rien et bien qu'ils contredisent ces calculs, comme le demande l'auteur, puis nous verrons bien?
    Merci en tous cas pour ce post, bien comme il faut...

  7. Re-salut. Message perso à ne pas publier, mais vraiment toutes mes sources je les vérifie...

    Annuaire : каталог

    Elenin : Еленина

    J'ai fais les sites d'annuaire russe, et je n'ai trouvé aucun Sergeï, Vladimir, Boris...Elenin. Il y a un moment j'avais posé la question à Léonid conçernant son nom, il m'a dit : c'est répandu en Russie....Lol. Ou il n'a pas de famille (?)...Merci de tes articles.

  8. Georges de Genève17 septembre 2011 à 15:02

    C'est vrai qu'on se demande au bout d'un moment s'il se passe quelque-chose ou pas...

    Moi, perso, j'ai vu des choses nouvelles, mais pas de quoi hurler à la nouvelle Terre. J'ai vu des nuages asperatus, et j'ai trouvé ça impressionnant, mais pourquoi serait-ce un signe de quoi que ce soit ? J'ai aussi vu des arc-en-ciels dans des cirrus, je n'en avais jamais vu non plus.

    Sinon quoi... les hécatombes animales, ça c'est un sujet inquiétant, trouvez pas ? En attendant, je me baigne toujours dans le Rhône, et je vois encore des pêcheurs sortir du poisson.

    Dès qu'on lève les yeux de devant l'écran, on voit en effet que les oiseaux chantent toujours, que la nature suit son cours, alors vraiment je me demande.

    Ah oui, les sinkholes... Un autre truc qui m'impressionne.

    Ah et puis les failles diverses, genre en Espagne, et en Allemagne, à Usedom(?)de mémoire, m'interpellent aussi.

    Sinon quoi ? Fukushima, ok, mais ça devait arriver. Et quoi d'autre ?...

    Les crop-circles, ok, oui bon je me tais...

    Quoique, je rajoute les bruits étranges en Oregon et à Kiev, si c'était chez moi je me poserais des questions.

    Sinon, l'existence même de l'aéroport de Denver est un mystère à lui tout seul.

    Je finirai (vraiment cette fois) en disant que le plus grand changement que je constate par moi-même depuis quelques années, est dans les actions de la classe dirigeante. De nos jours, et ça c'est un changement, ils n'ont même plus besoin de trop se cacher pour faire des choses dégueulasses tellement le monde entier les laisse faire. L'ignominie se fait aux yeux de tous, sans gêne, et ça c'est ce qui me choque le plus.

  9. Mon ami,mon aimer...
    il y aura toujours une véritée....


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