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Voici des scénarios étonnamment élaborés concernant l'inévitable "Big One" en Californie, par quelqu'un qui semble être un employé du gouvernement américain, probablement un policier

* Il dit avoir participé, récemment, à une réunion à Washington où il a été question d'un méga tremblement de terre en Californie, le long de la faille de San Andreas et dans la zone de subduction de Cascadia. Lors de cette rencontre, il a été dit qu'entre 3 et 10 millions de personnes allaient mourir, considérant le séisme lui-même ainsi que l'effet domino qui s'en suivra.

Quoique plausible, que cet écrit ait été rédigé par un agent du gouvernement ou non m'importe peu. Ce que je veux porter à votre attention, ce sont les scénarios qu'il présente dans l'immédiat du désastre, dans les jours qui suivent et à moyen/long terme. Il dresse une séquence d'événements, de répercussions, qui ne néglige aucun détail et qui donne à réfléchir. La mort est l'ultime délivrance face à une telle catastrophe, mais il ne sera pas donné à tout le monde de mourir et des milliards de personnes en subiront de près ou de loin les retombées. Dont chacun de nous si nous devions vivre cette effroyable tribulation.

Tout ceci ne doit pas obscurcir notre joie quotidienne et notre plaisir de jouer au "jeu de la vie", mais si ça peut nous permettre de penser quelques coups d'avance, nous pourrons nous réjouir d'avoir joué intelligemment!

Envoyez en traduction, malheureusement l'écrit est en anglais. Cliquez sur le bouton droit de votre souris, en la positionnant au-dessus du texte, et vous devriez accéder à "Traduire en français".


Steve, I want to discuss the coming "big one" or 9.0 to 10.0 earthquake that is supposed to happen in California and across the west coast. The government response would be complicated for this but it would all be run by FEMA. 

We were told recently during a meeting in DC that an estimated 3 to 10 million people will die during and after the earthquake. Martial law will be established after the government condemns the affected areas as disaster zones. Let's say, hypothetically, that the disaster areas are the "A" zone and the first relief site from FEMA, or the government, is the "B" zone. 

Now this is going to get really deep and dark but bare with me. Between the “A zone” and “B zone”, there are not enough hotels to house 3 million displaced persons let alone 10 million. It would take the government at least a week to get the proper beginning of housing operations, relief housing for those displaced persons. Some would call these places a FEMA camp.

I would state that it may take a week to get the logistics in place and the second week to make an effort to actually process and house people. By process I mean gathering basic personal information, known medical needs, medical assessment of persons,possible forced immunization and a background check through NCIC for warrants and if they are known criminals or gang members with a FBI number, they will be detained and arrested. 

There could be a scene played out like this: families to the left, single people to the middle and injured to the right while coming into a screening process. There would also be mass amounts of law enforcement and security in designated zones that would be there to deter criminal activities and to respond promptly to emergencies. 

Remember this, if FEMA comes in and sets up relief centers, they can apply 41. C.F.R and 18 U.S.C. to all who want aide. 41 CFR designates the building rules and regulations for federal property and 18 U.S.C. is federal law making it illegal to carry weapons on federal property. Think about that one. You want medical aide for you family, you want a doctor to check your hurt children and or spouse? You want to feed your family and get them somewhere safe? Then surrender all weapons and come right in. 

I expect this will cause mass disturbances at the checkpoints and screening stations. It will cause people to be stuck in lines for hours or days and rumors of all sorts will be spread up and down the line adding to the hysteria of the unfolding events. Fighting will break out all over at some point and people will die from their injuries, medical conditions or from dehydration. The victims of this disaster will inevitably tango with the law enforcement and security. The military will be called in to help if people start to riot, especially when the gates close to the facilities due to a full capacity. This will cause a “Them versus Us” mentality between the people and the government. Mass amounts of people may even try to attack check points and try to force entry into the facilities leading to physical conflict and deadly force if authorized. 

I'll say this, we are not ready for this situation and it will never run smoothly. It almost feels as if it was meant to fail. The government aide will be overwhelmed. Maybe that's the point. I know what everyone thinks about law enforcement and the government, we folks on the ground are no different than you. Our families, friends and fellow government employees will be affected too. The big fat cats however, they’re all ready for this to happen.

Jun 30, 2017


To my knowledge, there is still not enough large areas to properly store this amount of persons. There are only so many houses, auditoriums, churches, stadiums and other large facilities within the areas of the affected. Many people will be taken in by those who have the room and others will just find a place to be. Some will go back to Mexico and some will travel to other states, if the highways and interstates are open still though I doubt they will be open for long.

I would expect most commercial traffic to be shut down and rerouted. Thousands of vehicles will be on the roads at one time for days, many will run out of gas and many conflicts will happen between the “A” zone and “B” zone that law enforcement will not be able to prevent or respond to. Major telephone interruptions would also be taking place during this time, not to mention mass power outages. 

Hospitals will turn into morgues and hasty hospitals set up by the state and federal government will be overburdened by the first day. 

Meanwhile, the disaster zones are quarantined off and all highways and interstates are locked down with Vehicle Check Points (VCP) manned by the military and law enforcement. I can only imagine the hell I'll be walking through after this Earthquake. I for see fractures of road that are shifted 10 feet into the air and non passable by our vehicles. There will probably be a lot of helicopter insertions and extractions. The military bases along the west coast, if not affected, will be mobilized to help bring aid and security. 

The gangs and terrorist that are left in the affected areas are now taking advantage of the situation and rampaging through the neighborhoods. This is where I'll be, fighting against the madness of the situation and trying to bring medical aid to whomever is left. This is what we're getting ready for. There will be a fight for LA and San Diego. Surrounding areas will be teeming with crime and there will still be thousands of people who need to be extracted. 

I forgot to mention a very important part. There are two nuclear power plants located in Diablo Canyon that would be in the vicinity of the quake. If they get damaged and meltdown we could have two Chernobyls plus a Fukishima effect since it's near a port. Millions could be affected by radiation. Now we have a no go zone of almost 50 miles or more. If the quake is truly chaotic and goes higher than a 10 on the richter scale the three nuclear power plants in Phoenix Arizona could be affected but that's a real long shot. 

Another thing to think about is the Cascadia Subduction Zone. It's estimated, though not spoken of in public settings ,that we could lose most of the west coast. From Tijuana, Mexico to Seattle, Washington. Also, this Earthquake could agitate the near 36 volcanos along the west coast into eruptions, which cause even more unmentionable damage to the areas. There are approximately 17 volcanos that the US has marked as green for normal activities and 19 volcanos that are unmonitored. Yellowstone is also marked as green currently for normal operations but should be unaffected during a major Earthquake, should be. 

Getting back to the matter at hand. This is not a conspiracy this is a fact. The government is getting ready for it, look up Operation Cascadia Rising on There is no time line for these events. I would tell everyone on the west coast to move towards the east, if you can. May God have mercy on us when this hits. Please be prepared and understand the severity of this event. 

What people fail to remember about this situation is that it will change the country for years. Where do we get most of our produce from? How will this affect the economy? Will the dams hold up to this massive earthquake and how much worse does it get if they rupture and flood the surrounding towns? There are an estimated 43 dams in California alone and an estimated 15 or more in Oregon and Washington State. Mass forest fires could be started by natural or man made events during this time as well. 

It would be hell on American soil and not one of our enemies fired a bullet. However, it could cripple our Nation to the point that an invasion would be possible. This is the big picture boys and girls. 

Are you prepared? 

Jun 30, 2017

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  1. Un 5.8 dans le Montana à une profondeur de 13, 6 km seulement. Les secousses ont été ressenties en Alberta. Le Montana, État voisin du Wyoming, ce qui n'est pas très bon, surtout que Yellowstone est sous surveillance actuellement.

    Le séisme a été évalué à une magnitude de 5,8. L’épicentre a été situé à environ 50 km au nord-ouest d'Helena, la capitale de l’état, près de la ville de Lincoln, à une profondeur de 13,6 km.
    La secousse principale s’est produite vers 6h30 heure du centre et a été suivie de répliques de magnitude 3,1 et 4,9. Des témoins à Seattle et même en Alberta ont ressenti les vibrations.

    Aucun dommage structurel ni blessé n’a été rapporté. Un magasin grande surface local a connu des dégâts mineurs, principalement des pots cassés. De petits glissements de terrain se seraient aussi produits, mais sans conséquence.

    Source : CNN

    5.8 magnitude earthquake hits western Montana


    1. Merci pour l'info. Je vais aller voir les sites de surveillance du Yellowstone ce soir.

      Mes salutations Corpus! ;0)

  2. URGENT ! le disour occulte sur le chiffre 7 de Christine lagard ,prend tout sont sens pour le g20 ,je craint le pire .Le g20 a lieu le 7 07 2017 ! Et sur le réseau sputnik ,c'est la premier foi que l on parle d'enpoisonement et autres au g20 ,trop de chose ce relies entre elles .

    1. Nous verrons bien au cours des prochaines heures ou des deux prochains jours...


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