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Les mortalités de masse de quelques espèces d'oiseaux continuent en Ontario...

Voici le commentaire d'un blogger qui témoigne que plusieurs espèces d'oiseaux continent de mourir dans la Georgian Bay, au Lac Huron (Ontario, Canada).  Il raconte son passage sur les lieux, sur une plage de la Georgian Bay, les images d'horreur dont il a été témoin et le "cover up" des autorités qui tentent de cacher que le phénomène prend une ampleur absolument démesurée et inquiétante.  Il a même  participé au ramassage des cadavres.  Il estime que le nombre dépasse les 10 000 morts...

Toujours selon le blogger, les autorités prétendent que l'eau ne constitue aucun danger pour les baigneurs!!!  Elles expliquent que les oiseaux meurent probablement du botulisme après avoir mangé des poissons contaminés.  Comme je l'ai déjà expliqué, les canards colvert et pilet ne mangent pas de poissons!  Et si les poissons sont contaminés au point de causer plus d'une dizaine de milliers d'oiseaux morts, où sont donc passés les poissons morts?  Aucun cas de poissons morts n'a été rapporté, du moins, de façon significative...

Voici le premier article, rédigé le 22 octobre, qui fait état de ces mortalités de masse par les autorités locales, lesquelles accusent le botulisme comme étant responsable de ces morts.

Okay Folks it seems that you haven't heard of the mass die offs of water foul up here on Georgian bay Lake Huron. For the last several weeks we have had a continuous flow of hundreds of dead birds washing ashore of varying species(Canadian geese, loons,cormorants, king fisher, morgansers, malards, blue herring,etc.etc.) with the odd baby sturgeon(~3'long). They kept making this claim that it is botulism but they haven't completed any testing to back this up(and it's been weeks). Last Friday the 21 of Oct. I was out kiteboarding at Allen wood beach around 4-5pm when it became quite obvious that the odd floating duck was becoming a constant stream and upon coming back to shore it was evident that there were hundreds of dead ducks washing ashore. I convinced my buddy to get off the water and go home and clean up all our gear and ourselves to take no chances(Glade I did!). After cleaning up and heading over to my buddies place for a beer I stopped by the shore again rougly 6:30pm and there was 1000's of dead duck washing ashore. I'm talking about going from one dead duck every yard, just over and hour before to literally 2-3 ducks every yard roughly 1 a foot. Folks this is the sickest thing I have ever seen!

We'll the cover up is well underway, the corporate media has brushed this off as some common occurrence on the great lakes. The interview I had with the parks superintendent that I blew holes in his the water is safe story which was recorded by every media organization, yet none of them published any of it. if fact they only published half truths and outright lies about the ducks dieing off.

Firstly they claim the number of dead ducks to be between 5-6000. This is only a fraction of the dead ducks The officer who gave this report only reported on the dead ducks in his jurisdiction which ends at the provincial park border, roughly a 3km(~1.9miles) stretch of beach of the roughly 27km(~17miles) stretch effected.

I've personally helped in the clean up as our Gov. doesn't work on weekends, My neighbours and in helped pile these birds for easier removal. every 25yards was a pile that would easily fill a pick up truck! During this period of time the Gov. did Nothing!

My personal body count started from counting the corpses individually, as I piled them, to multiplying the piles buy the average count based on the size of the piles, to counting the dump truck loads being removed monday morning when they had to come in with heavy earth moving machines to move the masses of piled up corpses. Folks most of these birds are smaller than the size of a foot ball(think Beer butt chicken size)They used Front end loaders with 3yard buckets to load line ups of dump trucks to haul them away( I personally watched in horror as 10 full loads came out of one beach access, All this occurring with the media conveniently down the way filming them cleaning up a few ducks by hand and cart. I witnessed 14 dump truck loads hulled off from 3 beach accesses. When I heard of more truck loads being loaded from further north on the bay I went door to door talking to my neighbours, and have tallied more than another 10 truck loads being loaded with FEL's at beach accesses over the next 10km north of the original 3km stretch.

Each tandem dumptruck can hold about 15yards of material or in this case far more than a 1000 footballs(duck corpses)
What you have to take in to consideration is that most of this shoreline is privet property(80%) and that privet property is not being clean by the gov. and is being left to the property owners to deal with. We have a one bag limit for garbage pick up here, and also being in cottage country most are not up this time of year, yet there were dozens upon dozens of bagged ducks at the curb of every waterfront property, clearly these bags were all ducks as well(we tried bagging initially but you could only get 6-7 ducks in a bag before they would rip, completely futile IMHO)

Folks there are 10's of thousand of dead ducks and there trying to cover this up! They state the water is safe to be in but when asked when they tested it they said they hadn't. then claim to not need to because the ducks died from eating dead fish out in the lake and washed ashore because to the storm winds that friday night. Lies! again If they were eating dead fish with botulism, then where are the dead fish? yes folks all these dead birds and not one dead fish to be counted!!! not one!(I'll make this clear there was the odd dead fish wash ashore in the previous weeks but not a single one to be found in this resent mass die off) secondly alot of the ducks that wash ashore don't even eat larger fish some not fish at all in their diet. Then I got the reason it was these invasive species feeder fish(golpy or something like that) that had the botulism, but again not one washed ashore...are we to believe that these ducks ate all the dead floating fish? I think not!

Then they stated that the birds ate the fish way out in the lake and that is why the fish never washed ashore,but then why would the ducks wash ashore, if the fish didn't?

Fact of the matter is that I watched many flocks of birds come close to shore that friday night as they usually do to take shelter in stormy conditions. See the great lakes can kick up some very step large waves in a shore period so it would tend to beat up or even drown these ducks if they where to stay out in the middle of the lake, they come in close to shore to take refuge from the waves yet still stay warm in the water, by swimming in the rip currents that keep the water relatively calm between sand bar beach breaks.

Most of these dead ducks drowned! but not all! unfortunately my friend was able to get some footage of a couple of ducks walking up the beach to find a place to die in grass, the ducks seemed quite normal other than they kept trying to shake off the drowsiness(kind of like when someone stays up too late and they keep falling asleep but come too all of a sudden shake there head and open there eye's and say I'm up! I'm up! then see the eyes droop again) kind of like they were sitting in a car pumping the exhaust in to the cabin, they seemed like they were to weak to breath and then faded away. Judging by the strange respiratory illnesses that have been documented around here lately I have the feeling that this is a air born issue and not a water born issue!

I know they are lying about the numbers I can count! and after further investigation into there new claims of the botulism is coming from the Zebra mussels but they filter the water to eat which means if there not lying the water is horrifically polluted, there is no shipping or industry on this part of the lake, so where did the pollution come from?

What tops all this off and makes me really wonder what is going on is that they have had a portable radiation monitoring van here for 3 days!

If it's Botulism.... then why the Radiation monitoring!

Please don't let them hide this event spread the word! and if anybody knows of a reliable third party to send some ducks to to do testing on please let me know as our Government cannot be trusted to tell the truth.


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  1. Radiations, et empoisonnement oui..

    < This story has methane gas written all over it. Wasaga Beach is clearly in the stretch zone, along the Seaway stretch and just north of the Detroit/Windsor region where nightly hums are heard and just north of the Kincardine region where unexplained explosions have occurred.

    Methane emerging under water would of course assault water birds on its surface. Bird and fish die-off from methane have shown these species are highly sensitive to methane poisoning. >


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