mardi 17 avril 2012

L'Indes se prépare à lancer un missile balistique inter-continental demain!

New Delhi, April 17

Taking a major leap forward in missile technology and military deterrent capability, India is all set to test fire its 5,000 km range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni V tomorrow from a test range off the coast of Odisha.

The test fire of the missile will be conducted tomorrow from a test range in Wheeler island off the coast of Odisha. Preparations have reached their last stage to conduct maiden flight of the missile, Defence Ministry officials said. DRDO Chief VK Saraswat had recently said the missile is being integrated at various facilities for the test launch, which will be witnessed by military officials and other agencies which participated in its development.

Only the US, Russia, France and China possess the capability to operate an ICBM. The DRDO plans to conduct more such tests of the missile over the next one year after studying and analyzing the parameters achieved in each subsequent trial. On the timeline fixed for fully developing Agni V, Saraswat had said another one year of testing will be involved. In November last year, the DRDO had successfully test fired the 3,500 km range Agni IV missile giving muscle to India's deterrent capability against the military adversaries. — PTI


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